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Karshan Naiker’s story

As an infant was a colic baby and used to scream continuously, from breast milk went on to all sorts of milk to see if it will help. At 3months old went for a hernia operation which was successful. As he grew up did not like grainy food, had to make his food smooth to swallow. Did not like to walk bare foot on carpets and grass, total refusal. His teeth was and still is a problem. By 6 years about 10 of his teeth had to be extracted due to it chipping out and the enamel falling out.Uptil now has a slight heart murmur .Walking was a problem and only by 3 years old did he walk and was still unbalanced. Currently he wears splints due to tend ant problems, but on this it’s a worry but improvement seen. Speech was and is a major problem could not speak fluently; sometimes it’s difficult to understand him. During 1999 he was at Tygerberg Hospital for speech therapy and to assist with his trunk rotation problem. At 6years a test called the Griffith test was done and it showed that he was about 3years behind. At Pre School we found out that he cannot cope, the pre school teacher then in 2001 recommended that he go to a special school. A special test was done on him and it declared that he mentally handicapped and was then accepted at Alta Du Toit School. Used to suffer also with Bronchitis this persisted and from time to time had to for nibilizing.

In 2001 Dr De Jong could not find a reason for his slow development and growth. In 2006 after test and we were called in and from a panel of Doctors we were told that he is diagnosed as a William syndrome child. In 2005 he had viral meningitis he temperature was extremely high and had to go for a lumber punch. Currently is on medication ½ tablets a day due to his high blood pressure. An angiogram was done and it was found out that his arteries in his kidney have narrowed thus causing the high blood pressure.
In February this year he has to go for and ear operation for a small growth inside his ear and is blocked the same ear is oozing out all the time and we have to clean it a few times a day.



Karshan Naiker