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Yashteer's story

My name is Jothisha Udith, mother to Yashteer.  My son is 5 and a half and he was only diagnosed in Feb 2008, confirmation of the FISH test. I was going in circles from the time he was born up and until this year and I blamed myself for what my little boy was going through. I had a car accident when I was 9 weeks pregnant and had reconstructive surgery on my right eye lid.
 The pregnancy was very stressful, the baby was not growing much, my gynae was very concerned, at the end my amniotic fluid dried out.
I had an emergency Caesar, the baby was in fetal distress. I only bonded with him on day 2. He did not want to latch on so expressed milk almost every feed.
During the first month he developed Reflux and became colic for 6 months. At month 3 we discovered he had a murmur. I was living in JHB at the time away from my parents and in-laws. I had no help. Eventually after Yastheer, my son, tuned 1, we decided to move back to Natal for family support.
Here he continuously suffered with breathing at night because of his flat Nasal bridge. So we had his tonsils, adenoids removed, sinus’s burnt and that still did not help. He went to another ENT specialist and could not see  anything wrong with his breathing. Yes he still suffers up till this day when he sleeps.
I had problems with the pre-school, his principal kicked him out because they could not handle him. He is a little busy body. After applying to many special needs schools and going for interviews I finally found one 3 months ago. He is happy there and they work with the schools curriculum but at the child’s pace.
He is a very curious little boy, he loves people and passionate about music. Yastheer is also in Speech therapy and Occupational therapy, it really helps. I try to expose him to much as possible, so one day he will live an independent life when I’m not around. These kids must be constantly stimulated. They are such fun loving angels of God and I would not change this experience for anything in the world. He has opened my eyes to so much and moved me away from the stereo typed life which we all perceive as normal.
I have learnt, as an adult, to enjoy the most simple things in life, like playing hide and seek or skipping, catching games with my son. He makes me feel like a child again.



Yashteer Udith