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Williams Syndrome Association of SA
PO Box 19113
Tecoma, 5214
East London, South Africa


Welcome to the official website of the Williams Syndrome Association of South Africa. If you have had a recent diagnosis in your family - welcome to ours! It is the aim of WSASA to provide parents, families and healthcare practitioners dealing with Williams Syndrome people with the necessary information and support to make the lives of Williams Syndrome sufferers and the people around them as productive, happy and fruitful as possible.

With this website we aim to bring persons dealing with the disorder together to exchange ideas and advice and to create a space where parents and siblings can contact and support each other - there is no greater comfort for new Williams parents than knowing that they are not alone!

We encourage parents of Williams syndrome children to come forward and share their stories, so that others can learn from them, and in the process create greater awareness about Williams Syndrome in South Africa. Given that the disorder is relatively unknown in South Africa and has been extensively researched in Europe and America, we also provide links to international Williams Syndrome websites. These sites contain very valuable information about the disorder and can mean a lot to anyone wanting to learn more about Williams Syndrome.